Monday, May 01, 2017

"Temporarily Closed": What's Up With Café Pedlar On Court Street?

Café Pedlar 'temporarily' closed its doors at 210 Court Street on Friday, April 14th, 2017 for renovation, but as some of PMFA's readers noted, no work on the space has begun, leaving many to wonder what is up with the popular artisanal coffee shop in Cobble Hill.

PMFA reader David wrote:
"What's the story with Cafe Pedlar on Court /Warren? Sign in the window says they're undergoing renovations and will reopen, but doesn't look as if any work at all is being performed. Doors have been shut for about a week now with seemingly no activity? Seems as though the 'renovation' sign in the window is often a facade to other issues? "

Reader Brian reached out to say:
"Wonder if you have any more information on the "closing" of Cafe Pedlar at 210 Court Street. They posted on typical "closing for renovations" notice on April 15th and so far have seen absolutely no activity inside. Is this the death knell for the neighborhood's best coffee bar?
Anything you could find out would be useful

There is no mention of a temporary closing on Café Pedlar's web site, nor its Twitter account or Facebook page.

The coffee shop opened its doors in 2009 by Frank Castronovo and Frank Falcinelli, the duo behind of Frankies 457 Spuntino and Prime Meats, and Duane Sorenson, of Stumptown.
One can only hope that the partners will soon re-open Café Pedlar, though a note in the window does thank customers for their "patronage and support over the years", which does sound a bit final.
Does anyone have more information?


Anonymous said...

Too bad. The people that worked there were nice.

Though I did become a little frustrated with the super expensive coffee particularly when a large was just tiny!

Hopefully something great opens up there.

chance bliss said...

i don't think it's closing. i was there a few days before they went on hiatus, and prior to that, i normally stop in a few times a week.

i asked two of the baristas about the temporary closure and they both said it's just that, they're re-doing the interior and installing new gear - though i might add that neither one knew many details beyond what they shared. i asked for how long would the café be out of commission, and neither of them knew.

Anonymous said...

I spoke to an employee at a nearby business and that person said that Pedlar was going to relaunch with an expanded menu - probably dinner, etc. So, they'd probably have to upgrade the kitchen equipment, etc.

Anonymous said...

Pedlar was actually what first brought me to the neighborhood a few years ago: I was living elsewhere and got stuck on a grand jury full time for a month. Looking to escape downtown brooklyn during the very long lunch breaks, I'd wander down Court and stop at Pedlar to get a coffee and check some emails before exploring more tree-lined blocks.

When my lease came due a few months later I knew where I had to move!

Hopefully they are indeed just renovating.

Anonymous said...

Never any seating. Snotty and bored baristas. I loved the interior. Tin ceilings. Low key vibe. The benches out front invited law suits they were so rickety. In any event it would be sad if it became a restaurant. Those windows on a cold day. Fogging up and the smell of brewed coffee... oh well.

chance bliss said...

couldn't disagree more with the characterization of the baristas from the last commenter (may 03, 2017 7:04 am). the baristas care about their work and were always nice and engaged when i was there but perhaps they don't care for rude customers? i've seen my share of arrogant, disinterested customers in there, that's for sure.

yesterday, i bumped into a now former employee of pedlar, working behind the counter at a different café in our neighborhood. i was told that about half of the employees were let go, while half have been invited to remain. still had no idea when the café would re-open. didn't ask for further details.

Anonymous said...

Oh I had been in there many many times. It was hit or miss. But mostly disinterested. I mean? They are making coffee not singing in broadway. They probably were making money so they could move on. It's all fine. Could be worse. And sad they lost their jobs.