Friday, October 27, 2017

''Barely Disfigured', Smith Street's New Cocktail Bar Named After A Famous French Poem, To Open Soon

Owners and partners Jeremy Andre, Damien Frey and Regis Vankaster
There are two things to know about Barely Disfigured, the much anticipated new cocktail bar coming to 257 Smith Street. The first is that its name is an homage to the lyrical poem À peine défigurée , written in 1932 by French surrealist poet Paul Eluart.  The second is that the notice  written in gold letters on the establishment's front window assuring passersby that 'this is not a brothel' and that 'there are no prostitutes at this address' is a subtle reference to the infamous massage parlor, which operated at this location for a short period in 2016.

Barely Disfigured, in fact, is imbued with references to both the poet and the previous business. The bar's decor is a throwback to Eluart's time. From the photos on the wall,  to the vintage items on display, to the crystal carafes behind the large serpentine counter, all is of the surrealist period.
Here and there, reference is made to the former house of ill repute. The list of cocktails, for example, included the 'Madame Kelly,' named after the owner of one of the most luxurious brothels in Paris, which operated near the Louvre Museum until 1946.

Co-owner Jeremy Andre explained that he and his partners Damien Frey and Regis Vankaster did not want to shy away from the space's slightly unusual history.  "It is part of the story of the place, so we wanted to embrace it and refer to it in subtle ways," he explained
They choose,  however, to address the issue of illegal massage parlors around the city more directly by planning to donate part of Barely Disfigured's proceeds to the Urban Justice Center.

Barely Disfigured will open on Monday, November 6th. Cocktails will cost between $11 to $15.
Chef Gwenaël Le Pape is planning a tapas menu that includes ceviche, truffle infused Mac and cheese, as well as charcuterie and cheese selections from Stinky Bklyn.  The cocktail bar will feature live jazz.

Andre and Frey (who opened  La Cigogne on Union Street in 2014)  and Vankaster are keeping a special surprise in the back room of the bar till opening night.
Make sure to check it out on the 6th.

Barely Disfigured
257 Smith Street
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Anonymous said...

see paragraph 36 of the Manafort indictment, which you helped break:


Anonymous said...

Also, note that the end of the indictment seeks forfeiture of 377 Union St. (page 30, paragraph 1). World intrigue in our backyard!

chance bliss said...

not sure what manafort's indictment has to do with the opening of this bar on a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BLOCK of carroll gardens, but hey, whatever... glad manafort is going down. hopefully, he'll get others to flip.

moving on to equally important matters, excited about BARELY DISFIGURED, as i imagine it will be quite a success. damien and jeremy have certainly put in the hours, getting this project off the ground while running their restaurant on union street (on a completely different block than manafort's home that was obtained through illicit means).

i think it's fantastic that some of the proceeds will go towards organization that help women in need. perhaps other establishments will be inspired to take up similar gestures of generosity.

bon chance, mes amis. i look forward to having a mezcal old fashioned!

bored at work said...

Good luck to them and I wish them success.

One small favor - Please ask them to disconnect the speaker they have affixed over the entrance door. We don't need to hear their music on the streets.


A neighbor

Katia said...

I agree. No need for an outside speaker. Will tell them when I see them, but they are really approachable, so stop by, say hi and let them know. After all, they are neighbors now.