Monday, October 23, 2017

Meet The Women Behind CKO Kickboxing Of Carroll Gardens On Court Street

CKO Kickboxing of Carroll Gardens''s co-owners 
Kelly Chiusano,  Kristine Simoneschi, and Adriana Di Dino 

If you have been looking to change up your regular workout routine without leaving the neighborhood, you might  want to check out  CKO Kickboxing  of Carroll Gardens at 562 Court Street. CKO, which stands for Club Knock Out, offers a unique full-body fitness program that boosts your energy level, increases your strength and endurance. Plus, it is a great stress reliever. And who doesn't need some stress release these days.

The gym is co-owned by Kelly Chiusano, Kristine Simoneschi, and Adriana Di Dino, who also own CKO of Park Slope together. The three friends have created a friendly, supportive atmosphere at their gym and pride themselves on the community they have built over the last few years.

CKO offers individual as well as group classes seven days a week.  The teachers are highly trained  and will give students individual attention to help them achieve their goals.   Since Kelly, Kristine and Adriana are not only owners but instructors as well, they spend lots of time at the kickboxing gym themselves." Between us, one of us is here every day," Kelly told me.

Right now,  CKO is offering three classes for only $19.99. So stop by and try kickboxing. 



Anonymous said...

"AMONG" more than two, Kelly. Not "between." Love ya anyway.

Katia said...

Thanks for the grammar lesson. I truly appreciate it. Just proves that I am still learning the complexities of the English language after all these years.
That sentence was a direct quote from one of the owners. Not sure I should change it.

Unknown said...

So glad this is in the neighborhood. Great instructors and ridiculously fantastic workout.

Anonymous said...

I used to go to CKO, but I found that the instructors favorited certain regulars and didn't give as much individualized attention that I needed. For the high cost of enrollment, I would have liked a little more interaction with the instructors.

Also there is an instructor there named Rosa who called me out in a very negative way and made the class start an exercise over. Very embarrassing and mean.