Wednesday, October 18, 2017

No, New Retail Space On Former Met Food Site On Smith Street Will Not Be A T.J. Maxx

The former Met Food at 205 Smith Street shortly after its closing in 2015
Newly constructed two story retail space at 205 Smith Street today
From RKF 's listing of 205 Smith Street in Boerum Hill.

Since construction began on a new two-story retail building at 205 Smith Street between Baltic and Warren Streets in Boerum Hill, the community has been speculating on what retailer may be moving in.  The site had formerly been the home of a Met Food Supermarket, which closed its doors in the summer of 2014 when its owner sold the property to retail investors Jackson Group, Aurora Capital Associates and ACHS Management for $18.5 million.

The community had hoped that a new food market would be moving in when the new building was completed, since Met Food, though never a pleasant shopping experience, was the only large supermarket in walking distance for many in the neighborhood.

Those hopes were dashed when the Brooklyn Paper reported in late 2016 that national retailer T.J. Maxx would be taking over both floors of 205 Smith Street. That information, however, was only based on a conversation with construction workers on the site and was never confirmed by the company.

Since a new Marshalls, which, like T.J. Maxx, belongs to TJX Companies, had just opened blocks away on Atlantic Avenue, the information made little sense. Why would the company open two stores so close to each other? 

(Of course, everyone knows that 205 Smith Street is in Boerum Hill, but what's a little fib to a real estate agent, right?).

So, no supermarket, no T.J.Maxx. The listing does not offer information on the rent price, but it is bound to be steep.  The new renter will likely be a national chain, since no small retailer may be able to afford the space.
What would you like to see in this space? What does the community really need on Smith Street now?


Ducky said...

The construction on the 2nd floor looks like a medical facility of some kind, perhaps an imagining or diagnostic center. There are large roof hatches for lifting equipment through and small consultation rooms on the Smith Street side with individual air conditioning units. There have been a bunch of new medical facilities opening or under construction recently (an NYP pediatrics center at 621 Degraw, for instance). I still think the ground floor is going to be a small, overpriced food store. Speculation, to be sure, but no one else has been right, yet.

Lives on Baltic said...

The top floor is going to be radiology, the bottom floor is still for rent.

Katia said...

That makes sense. Saw that the top floor was subdivided into small rooms.

bored at work said...

As much as I hate to see prime ground floor space sit fallow, I really hope the developer loses his shirt on this property. The stupidity of building a huge retail space on spec in this market (hello, Amazon, and all the existing vacant property on Smith and Court) was insane and the developer should pay the price.

And as someone who understands retail told me, the loss of Met Food significantly reduced foot traffic on Smith St and has hurt all the retail on the strip. As much as Met Food was my last resort for food shopping, its conversion to a blank box is a shame and a huge loss to the community.

Katia said...

Agreed, Bored. There is also the huge retail space in the new building on Court Street at the corner of Congress Street, I think.
That is currently for lease as well. There is so much more foot traffic there because of Trader Joe's.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows what the community needs and that is a tradition supermarket such as Shoprite, Stop snd Shop, Keyfood not another trendy food store. The developers and realtors know this especially as they stood on the corner and asked passerby. So they should stop hurting people with their greed. Residential neighborhoods need food stores because people need to eat every day!

Anonymous said...

Should be a supermarket. Safeway. Kroger. Etc. Even desolate navy yard area is getting a Walbaums.
Something practical. We have enough gourmet style shopping. Keyfood would be welcome. Or even, dare I say... Fairway! But alas they have their own problems.

Anonymous said...

any kind of grocery! i miss it so dearly!

Anonymous said...

The landlords on S.ith street have priced tbeir greedy selves out of the market,it's Brooklyn,not Manhattan and no one is going to waste money on something that will never pan put,see American Apparel out of business on Smith.

Anonymous said...

American Apparel closed everywhere because company went bankrupt

Anonymous said...

I thought the Navy Yard was getting a Wegmans.

Verajay said...

I say another supermarket for us on a budget! Notice how new upscale stores opeb,the close fast? Landlords be catering to the folks with$$$$,but seems like they ain't spending there? Some of the upscale folks I be seeing in the discount 98cents stores!yes we really need another supermarket!the only weave have isvCtown. And they have become expensive!