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Friday, December 15, 2017

Grand Opening Of El Puente Pop-Up Bar On Court Street NYC's First Non-Profit Bar

It is unclear what happened to the popular August Laura cocktail bar that seemed to thrive at 387 Court Street, but it appears to have  been replaced by a pop-up bar named El Puente.
On a Facebook event page the new establishment writes:
"In an exciting new collaboration this holiday season, Coup, NYC’s first non-profit bar conceived by Ravi Derossi, Sother Teague & Max Green, has teamed up with Mario Seijo Rivera (former partner at La Factoria in Puerto Rico) & Ivan Torres Lespier to bring you El Puente Pop-Up. “The Bridge” aims to reintroduce both Puerto Rican and NYC cultures through a unique yet simplistic cocktail experience. Raising awareness of Puerto Rico’s humanitarian situation they will be collecting goods like batteries (AA-AAA-C-D), adult diapers, water filters, towel’s (not white please), medical supplies, canned goods, dry goods, etc. simultaneously.
The grand opening takes place today at 4pm!  Boogaloo Pete will be on decks playing those salsa tunes!..
Organizations to which you can donate $$$:

The grand opening takes place today at 4pm!

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