Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Mulch Fest 2018: Turn Your Christmas Tree Into Wood Chips At Two Neighborhood Locations This Week-End


The Mulchfest at Cobble Hill Park  listed below has been cancelled due to the cold.

So, by now, you have probably dismantled your Christmas tree and are ready to lug it out of your home. Why not begin 2018 by being more green and by bringing your tree to one of two neighborhood locations to have it chipped during Mulch Fest 2018,
From the organizers:
Join NYC Parks, the New York City Department of Sanitation , and GreeNYC to recycle your Christmas trees into wood chips. These wood chips are used to nourish trees and plants on streets and gardens citywide. Or, take home your very own bag of mulch to use in your backyard or to make a winter bed for a street tree. More than 26,000 trees were recycled last year. Help us top this number!

If you live in South Brooklyn, here are two convenient locations:
Mulch Fest 2018
at The Amazing Garden
Corner of Carroll and Columbia
Saturday, January 6 and Sunday, January 7
Noon to 5 pm

Bring your trees to our garden between noon and 5 those days, and drop them off, then we’ll make sure they get recycled/turned into Mulch.

The Mulchfest at Cobble Hill Park  listed below has been cancelled due to the cold.
Cobble Hill Park 
at Clinton and Verandah Place 
Saturday, January 6
9:30 am – 1:30 pm
Drop off your Holiday trees at the location below. Wreaths and garlands
cannot be accepted. Please remove lights and decorations. No artificial trees!
The event is organized by the Cobble Hill Tree Fund, Cobble Hill Association, and BoyScoutTroops 213 and 815.


Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me whether bringing your tree to a MulchFest location is somehow better/greener/etc. that putting it on the sidewalk for the curbside tree pickup. I've called and DSNY says the trees put curbside are also mulched and used in parks. Why all the encouragement to lug trees to a MulchFest location?

chance bliss said...

this news is a bit late for most - but the mulchfest times are not noon to 5 pm - rather's it's 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. (https://www.nycgovparks.org/highlights/festivals/mulchfest) - i.e. it's over for today but hopefully this will stop someone else from walking their tree down to the amazing garden and then have to turn around, tree still in hand. : |

Katia said...

Ugg, so sorry, Chance. I just transmitted the info that had been given to me.

chance bliss said...

no worries. it was good exercise, carrying a tree around. alas, it was eventually abandoned on the sidewalk in front of our humble home.

Katia said...

I hacked the branches off ours and distributed them around the back yard to protect the plants. Now I have a bare trunk in front of the house. Hope Sanitation picks all the trees up soon. They are so sad looking after the holidays.