Thursday, January 04, 2018

Urgent: Help Needed To Find Luna The Dog, Who Ran Away In Carroll Gardens This Morning

Update: Luckily, Alisa reported a few moments ago that Luna was just found. Thanks for all your help.

Alisa just wrote to PMFA to report that her dog Luna went missing this morning.
She writes:
"I lost my dog while walking her this morning.
The dog's name is Luna. We were on 4th Place between Clinton and Court.
She is about 58 pounds, a boxer/pit mix with a white stripe down her nose. She is brown/fawn has white paws and a white tip on her tail. She is about 7 years old and is hard of hearing. I've attached her picture here.
Thank you,  Alisa"

This is no weather for a dog to be alone on the streets of Carroll Gardens. Let's all keep an eye out for Luna and make sure she is re-united with her owner.  Please leave a comment or reach out to me so that I can get you in touch with Alisa if you find her dog.


FredHart said...

Let's remind all dog owners to use a leash.

Anonymous said...

It's very helpful to have a good identifying photo like the one she had, for all our pets. Even the indoor ones.

jjlnyc said...

Katia said...

Thanks. Good to know for future reference. Luckily, Luna is back home.