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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Sumela: A New To-Go Eatery Brings Turkish Cuisine To Court Street

Sumala, a new Turkish eatery just recently opened its doors at 145 Court Street.  Conveniently located near the intersection with Atlantic Avenue and directly across from Trader Joe's, it offers reasonably-priced Kebabs and Falafel sandwiches, wraps and salads.
The two-course lunch special for $12.95, available Monday through Friday, consists of a kebab with the choice of salad, soup or appetizer.
Sumala does seem to be set up mainly for to-go service, but the place offers some tables for eating in.

There certainly is a need for places that offer quick meals at cheaper prices here in the neighborhood and we have no doubt that it will do well here. Its interesting to note that a similar Mediterranean kebab place, Shawarma and Grill, will soon open a block away on Smith Street.
And of course, there is Darna Falafel just a few streets up at 200 Court Street, which has been a popular little lunch place since it opened in 2011.

What do you think about this new opening?


chance bliss said...

you forgot to mention that they opened up their eatery in part to stifle any competition from the likes of shanghainese restaurants, whose soup dumplings our neighborhood so desperately needs. for the love of all cuisines great and small, is there no one out there who hears our pleas?

Anonymous said...

To chance bliss - We get it. You want a shanghainese soup dumpling place. Give it a rest.

John Longbow said...

Anonymous, I couldn't agree more! Internet discussions have a big big problem with staying on topic. Funny timing as just yesterday I was arguing with a stranger on CNN.com for the same thing. Now I won't tell you what the article was about because I dont like to get political. (Politics are a no zone for me in nice conversations like the one we have through PMFA.) But I wrote my opinion and someone wrote a with a mean, off topic joke as a reply. So I corrected him on his grammar, and said, hey! You must not be so smart because that's not even the point of the article, stay with the program there stranger! But he just kept egging me on. It really made my blood boil ... And soon I was the one writing mean comments! Then I remembered what my nephew said: never feed a troll, but if you can't leave it alone and you really have to reply, just say that our neighborhood is still in very desperate need of a good Shanghainese restaurant.