Thursday, May 17, 2018

Looks Like Brooklyn Industries Will Soon Be Closing Its Doors At 100 Smith Street In Boerum Hill And Moving A Few Doors Down.

Two separate readers have reached out to say that Brooklyn Industries is not leaving Smith Street, just moving from #100 to #90 Smith Street.

A few days ago, we stumbled across a 'for lease' listing for the large commercial space currently occupied by Brooklyn Industries at 100 Smith Street and Atlantic Avenue.

This certainly indicates that the "homegrown" clothing design company known primarily for its Brooklyn graphic Tees is ready to give up this particular location.  Besides this Boerum Hill location,  Brooklyn Industries, which got its start in the borough in 1998,  has a store in Dumbo, two in Park Slope, and two in Williamsburg.

The 1,600 sq retail space with an additional 1,600sq basement space,  is being offered by CPEX.

Besides a bank, nail place or real estate office, what could the neighborhood really use in this location?


Teri said...

A pool hall w/foos ball, air hockey, pinball and ping pong tables!

Anonymous said...

Some place I heard that all their clothing (like everyone else's, just about) was made in Asia, so the name
is just a gimmick. Anyone know different?


Anonymous said...

Well Brooklyn Lager isn't actually made in Brooklyn either.

Anonymous said...

It was a brooklyn company and still is. But most likely sweatshops involved. I can only imagine a chain store moving here. Like Gucci or some other money brand to match the neighborhood populi. Though I’d like to see something rather useful. Perhaps a gardening shop. A decent hardware store with emphasis on brownstoner supplies. But that may not fly with glass condo owners. Hmmm. Maybe a huge dollar store! Cheap Jacks anyone?

Anonymous said...

Scuba Dive shop, anyone?

Katia said...

Oh, I remember that Scuba Dive shop very well. It was at this location for years.

Colin said...

It’s not closing, it’s moving next door to 90 Smith Street...