Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Morning Encounter With Opossum On Court Street

We were walking on Court Street this morning when we noticed people stopping and looking at the storefront of 352  Court Street near the corner of Union Street. Balancing on the handrail next to the building's front door, was an opossum, who looked frightened and obviously regretted having ventured out in public.
As many local residents can attest, opossum sightings are quite frequent here in the neighborhood. However, one does not often see them on Court Street in the middle of the day.
We hope this little fellow found his way back to a quiet backyard.
Have you ever encountered an opossum in Carroll Gardens or Gowanus?


Unknown said...

This possum started out on a school bus headed to Poly Prep. I was on the bus with my 4 year old son when a parent noticed the possum in the back of the bus. The poor creature ran underneath all the children several times before being gently escorted off at the corner of Union and Court. Hope he finds his way back to nature!

Katia said...

Oh, no. No wonder he looked shell shocked. He had a busy day.