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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

What Happened To Pane E Vino On Smith Street?

Though its web site does not mention that it has closed, Italian eatery Pane E Vino at 174 Smith Street in Boerum Hill seized to operate in mid- December 2018. A few readers have reported that the restaurant has remained dark at night and several people have left comments on Yelp, complaining that they had made a reservation during the holidays, just to find the place closed when they arrived.
Reader W. reached out a few days ago to write:
"I have been noticing that another neighborhood Italian, Pane e Vino, at 174 Smith Street, has had a
"we're closed" sign in its door since I got back, with no sign of activity. No indication of an official closing, and their website (still taking Thanksgiving reservations) is still up. The place clearly had a following -- I never went that often, but it was sometimes a fall-back, as it was open a bit later than most other neighborhood places save Bar Tabac, and, though blessedly quieter than BT, it always seemed to have customers

It would appear that Pane E Vino was without a liquor license throughout its last month in business. A few posts on the business' Facebook page mention free wine and sangria with a meal, as well as a new byob policy.
A quick Google search of the address also revealed a listing for the restaurant for $400,000 with a mention that the business owner was 'highly motivated to sell.'

Pane e Vino first opened on Smith Street in 2006, which means it had a longer than average run on this commercial strip. What do you think?  Will you miss it?


Chauncey Gardiner said...

i wasn’t even aware that the restaurant existed until this post, and i’ve been living in the neighborhood for 13 years!

Anonymous said...

I was one of the first customers way back when. Had many a birthday dinner with friends. I really liked their lasagna. Sad to see another restaurant bite the dust.

R said...

I had eaten there a few times myself and found it to be decent red-sauce Italian and it wasn't expensive either. Sad to see the place go. They usually seemed to have people there so it didn't look like it was having trouble getting customers.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that place owned or at least run by someone in the same family as Marco Polo? Son or grandson?

alexa said...

will not miss it at all - went once - the servers tried to tell me what to order aggressively and wrongly - bye - bye

Anonymous said...

Wasn't bad, but with several other solid Italian options in the area there just wasn't much reason to go. Particularly turned off a few months back when they started putting a guy out front soliciting customers like some of the places in Little Italy.

Unknown said...

People were always dancing here when I would walk home in the evenings. I miss that.