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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Carroll Gardeners Discuss A New Design For Carroll Park At Visioning Session

Brooklyn Parks Chief of Staff Marty Maher addressing Carroll Gardeners
The below report on last night's community visioning session was written by Glenn Kelly, member of Friends of Carroll Park and the Chair of Community Board 6's Parks Committee.)

Last night was the beginning of the next Carroll Park.
Almost 150 people, young and old, filled the cafeteria at PS58 to hear a brief presentation of the history of Carroll Park and to make suggestions and discuss options for a new design. The Brooklyn Parks department staff and representatives from Starr Whitehouse (the consultant hired to manage and process the results) organized the attendees into 8 groups of 10-15 people around tables and facilitated the collection of ideas which were then shared with the entire group. As Marty Maher, the commissioner of the Brooklyn Park department explained, these ideas will be considered and transformed into a conceptual design or designs which will be submitted to the Parks department for evaluation of feasibility. Once a design is deemed feasible (for safety, durability and usefulness), it will be presented to the community through the Park / Recreation committee of Community Board 6. This will allow the community to visualize what is possible, to estimate the costs involved and to understand how construction might be staged and how long it may take.
Remember that all of this is just a first step and there will be ongoing opportunities for discussion and modifications to the design. It will take some time to secure funding and to reach consensus on a final design.
The Friends of Carroll Park have a commitment from Brooklyn Parks to continue community outreach and discussion so please make sure to keep an eye on the park notice boards and to sign up for the mailing list so that your ideas can be considered and incorporated.
Last night was a success and we are thankful to following:
- Councilman Brad Lander for providing funding for this visioning process.
- Brooklyn Parks for their agreeing to take the unusual step of committing resources to design an unfunded park.
- The Friends of Carroll Park for taking the lead on this project and caring for our park over nearly three decades.
- PS58 for hosting the event.
Hopefully the result will also be a success and produce a design which our community can embrace. Fingers crossed !


Anonymous said...

water park! no rats! dog run! better use of bocce area!

i think the baseball area is a bit of a waste as well

Serafina said...

What? No bocce?!

Anonymous said...

If they plan to F it up and make it look like that joke under the subway tracks. That’s not an option. Leave well enough alone. There are plenty of perimeter planters for a small dog park. So why not? Could be on the court or president side where the giant bolder is.
Larger water fountain for kids. Yes. But the integrity and communal space around the war memorial should never be changed. Ever.

Audrey Negron said...

This park was last renovated when my son was born 25 years ago. It has so much useful potential for our community. I am sorry I did not make it to the meeting. I would like to see a Children’s garden once again, teaching kids about gardening, perhaps with a colaboration with PS 58 and the other schools in the area. And I would like to see a dog run area.