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Friday, December 13, 2019

The End Of Trump, The Sculpture, In The Gowanus

 What's left of Donald Trump sculpture in the Gowanus this morning.
Below, the before photos from October 20, 2019
After an absence of several weeks, the floating Donald Trump sculpture in the Gowanus Canal, which first appeared near the Carroll Street bridge this past October, resurfaced.  And it is not looking so good.
It was spotted by a PMFA reader this morning next to the boat dock in front of the Lightstone Development at 363 Bond Street.
The reader commented:
"Looks like he’s seen some rough times. The boat/dock owner recently added some unfriendly-looking razor wire to the dock, to which DJT seems to have succumbed. But, trash is trash, so I wonder how this can get cleaned up?"

Sure looks like it's the end of Trump, the sculpture, in the Gowanus. 


Frank Pittarese said...

The dummy was "rescued" by a local Trump-supporter in early November. He posted several photos to a neighborhood Facebook group of himself and the dummy, both as it floated in the canal and then post-salvage, with the following caption: "We rescued President Trump from floating in Gowanus Canal (disrespectful). Not under our watch. Liberals..before and after!"

Apparently, but not surprisingly, he threw the remaining waste back in the canal.

Katia said...

Haha, I love how this dummy keeps on popping up.