Thursday, January 16, 2020

The Prettiest Tropical Window On Court Street

This makes us happy!
For as long as we can remember, two small citrus trees have been blooming and producing the most beautiful fruit in a former storefront at 264 Court Street near Kane Street in Cobble Hill. Currently, one of the plants is in bloom and covered in oranges.
Just what we needed to spot on this gray January day.

We guess these plants have been thriving in that window spot for the past thirty, thirty five years.
Does anyone know the gardener or the story behind this pretty window display?


Unknown said...

Recall for some years there was also a surfing sign on this window....

Katia said...

Yes, my husband remembered a surfing club at the ovation or right next door

Anonymous said...

these are actually lemons, possibly meyer ;)

Katia said...

Ah, that could be. Thanks.