Thursday, March 19, 2020

BoCoCa Residents Putting Quarantine Rainbows In Their Windows As A Neighborhood-Wide "I Spy"


Quite a number of Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill and Gowanus children and their parents have joined in a giant neighborhood-wide "I Spy" game by hanging rainbows in their windows. As one mother put it, it is "a lovely reminder for all of us that in a storm there is still something to look forward to."

Not only is it a way for families stuck at home to connect to the outside work during this time of Covid-19 pandemic, but it brightens people's day as they spot the rainbows all around the neighborhood.

There is even a Google "rainbow map" to which you can add your very own brightly colored arch. along with pictures of rainbows that you spot!
Here’s how:
1. From your browser visit the map:
2. Log-in to your Google account (same as Gmail)
3. Click edit in the top left corner, find the pin you want to edit and click the camera icon to add an image.

A big shoutout to Marisa Macner Migdal for coming up with the idea, to Anna Grotzky for putting the Google map together and to Sadie Struss for helping to spread the word.

Please share this with your neighbors and friends far and wise. Let us show solidarity and hope during this time of crisis. The idea has already spread from BoCoCa to other Brooklyn neighborhoods, as well as to Tennessee, California, Canada, Bermuda, and Venezuela!!

Let us try to make things a bit brighter throughout our world.


Teri said...

You can't have rainbows without a little rain.

Thank you, Katia, for sharing good news and for all you do to connect our community. We need it now more than ever.

Stay Strong & Safe!

Katia said...

Thank you, Terri. The same to you.

amyp said...

I've seen pictures from Argentina and Germany as well! <3