Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Despite Pandemic, Nature Undisturbed In Gowanus

Here is a reminder that despite the current Corona Pandemic, nature continues undisturbed.
Gowanus resident Rick Weisfeld just sent PMFA the great photo above. He writes:
"Have you seen the goose with her eggs and Gander below in the canal. She is on the pilings just north of the west side of the Carroll Street Bridge.
Who knows if she'll be successful with her brood... hope so."

Obviously, the goose and her partner didn't realize that the waterbody they chose to rear their young is also a polluted EPA Superfund site. It seems that nature finds a way, no matter what.
Thanks, Rick. We needed this today.

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lynchly said...

Terrific photos. You captured the strange reality. B&W was a perfect choice. Thank you.