Monday, June 01, 2020

Adorable! Carroll Park In Carroll Gardens Has Become A Raccoon Nursery While Closed During Covid-19 Lockdown

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2020-05-31 18.10.51
2020-05-31 18.11.26
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2020-05-31 17.35.39

(photos and video courtesy of Gary Dolan)

The closing of Carroll Park in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn on April 2, 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic has left many in the neighborhood without a place to enjoy the outdoors.

However, it has given plant-life a bit of a reprieve from kids trampling on flowerbeds and on bushes. Just walk around Carroll Park and notice how lush and beautiful everything looks.
Our otherwise crowded park seems to also have become a refuge for a family of raccoons.
A mama and her babies were filmed and photographed by Gary Dolan, the longtime president of Friends of Carroll Park just yesterday.
Gary writes:
"As the majestic caribou, sensing the absence of humans, descends onto the plains of Yellowstone, so does the elusive trash panda descend upon Carroll Park."

Yes, raccoons are considered nuisances by many, but we find these photos adorable and are happy to see that Carroll Park is being used at all these days. We also hope that people will be respectful to these animals once the park reopens.

Thank you for sharing the photos, Gary!

And to Carroll Gardeners, if you see Gary plant and weed in the park, please tell him you appreciate his hard work.


Anonymous said...

So that's not why they are in my back yard this year. We all moved into our yards and the raccoons moved into the empty park!!

Katia said...

Haha, they are smart animals

Anonymous said...

This is not a good thing as adorable as they are. First they can be rabid. Once the park opens they will come out and you will have to deal with them going through your trash for food, which can then be dangerous. Small dog owners beware.

Anonymous said...

Rabies is not very likely but Baylisascaris should be a major concern. The roundworm eggs as passed through their feces and children are especially prone to infection.

Anonymous said...

Please take this post down. They will be killed.

Anonymous said...

So you'd rather put children who play in the park at risk who touch the ground and then put their hand in their mouth? I like to think of it as a warning to parents.

KlausK said...

All these negative comments and fear-mongering about raccoons - who are part of the native fauna in this region - are really sad. Humans really need to learn to co-exist with nature and wildlife.