Thursday, July 02, 2020

A Happy Update On Miele, The Court Street Appliance Store Cat


Miele, the former Court Street Appliance Store cat in October 2017.

Who in Carroll Gardens could use some good neighborhood news after yesterday's building collapse?

You may remember that back in October 2017, one of Carroll Gardens' friendliest store cats was looking for a new home. Miele, a then-7 year old female tabby with white markings, was known to many in the neighborhood for greeting passers-by on the sidewalk and for sunbathing in the shop window of Expert Appliance Center at 293 Court Street.

The appliance store vacated its Court Street location that November to move to 212 Smith Street, where it is still currently located. Unfortunately, the store owner was unable to take Miele to the new location and he could not take Miele to his home since his son is allergic.
However, the owner was committed to finding the cat a new home.

We are happy to report that Miele, who was named after the German appliance manufacturer, did indeed find a loving new place two and a half years ago.
Yesterday, we received a lovely email from her new human, C. Claiborne Ray, who writes:
Hi, I just wanted to thank you for posting the story about Miele, the cat who used to run Expert Appliance's shop on Court Street. She has been living with me since they moved to Smith Street -- in October of of 2017! As you may recall, the new location does not allow cats and she needed a new position.

The guys were sorry to see her go, which I can certainly understand. She is a really good companion for my long self-quarantine, has caught (and eaten) several rather large mice, and never scratches the furniture. She sharpens her claws exclusively on cardboard boxes and a designated scratching post, and I always make sure to have a box of some kind for her to sleep on.

Miele had many fans at the store, and something I really feel bad about is that I have never had her former people visit her on Bond Street. I am sure if she saw her former staff, she would remember them. In fact, I have to be very careful never to let her escape, despite many clever efforts to do so, because she would almost certainly head for the old store, which of course isn't there anymore.

Anyway, you have my sincere admiration for keeping track of neighborhood issues, both large and small. I have attached the original picture of her with her namesake appliance brand and some more recent shots. She isn't losing any weight! She still has her Greenie snack habit and has developed a serious catnip addiction, but luckily it is a legal drug in our state.
C. Claiborne Ray sent along some photos of Miele to show us how the happy feline is spending her days.
Now, isn't it nice to get some good news?

Miele in 2020 in her new home
photos by C. Claiborne Ray


Beverly D said...

So happy to read update on Miele s Handsome n fit looking cat. Sure lucky you took him in. Im sure the owner would love to see him. Expert Appliance owner n workers are all over neighborhood doing jobs.

Unknown said...

I know Miele swaggers, but she is actually a female lady cat! She is very fit and healthy.
Claiborne Ray

Anonymous said...

Yes. I was sad and mad at the shop owner and the landlord. But. Sooo happy “Mila” is a house cat now. With furniture and windows and more love. I can only hope that giant bird he has is just as happy.

Emma said...

This made my whole day! I used to love stopping by to see her- she would always hop up on my lap. Glad to see her face :)