Tuesday, August 18, 2020

FYI! The Citi Bike Docking Station At Carroll And Smith Street In Carroll Gardens Has Been Removed

Well, that is strange! The large Citi Bike docking station next to Carroll Park on Carroll Street at Smith Street here in Carroll Gardens was removed yesterday afternoon. One wonders why, since this location seemed to be well used and located conveniently just half a block from the Carroll Street subway entrance to the F/G train.

The docking station was installed together with others in the fall of 2016, when City Bike expanded into the neighborhood.  

The removal of bikes at a well used location seems odd considering the pandemic, when people might prefer to ride a bike rather than take the subway.
Have other bikes being removed in the area?

If you need to dock a bike nearby, the station on Smith Street near 2nd Place and 3rd Street is still there.

***Update: some readers have informed me that Carroll Street is slated for repaving next week. Hopefully, the station will be reinstalled. Stay tuned.
The Carroll Street docking station on Carroll Street before it was removed.
still there: docking station at Smith Street near 2nd Place and 3rd Street


Anonymous said...

They're repaving a bunch of the streets in the neighborhood

Katia said...


Anonymous said...

I hate CitiBike. Can’t ride them. They weigh a ton. They wouldn’t refund me 20 bucks. Hate them. If they had a different bike without that huge basket. Great concept. Bad bikes.

Francis Facciolo said...

Let's remove them all. Trying to encourage bikes in NYC is one of the truly bad ideas of the past 10 years. And there have been plenty of them.

Rose M said...

And here I was thinking that this was a step in closing a street so as to expand school space for the children and teachers expected to go back in September.

Anonymous said...

Please repave Hoyt St. The street conditions are as if we just came off a major snowstorm after tons of salt was dumped. There are large holes from Warren to Douglass and has taken a toll on my rims, tires and front end. Except for robbing much needed spaces for parking, CitiBike is a good program.

Greektown Community News said...

You need to get the electric pedal assist ones