Friday, March 12, 2021

Nooks And Crannies Club: "For Gowanusians - With Greenish Thumbs"

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A rather 'Gowanusy' neighbor informs us of a very cool new project that he is working on with the help of Gowanus Mutual Aid and Nature Based NY. It is called Nooks & Crannies Club and the concept is simple: help grow mini crops from seed to restock the Gowanus Community Fridges.
Below, please find instructions on how to take part in this amazing initiative.

Nooks & Crannies Club
Grow Food for Gowanus Free Fridges Wherever You Can!

1. Sign up with Gowanus Mutual Aid at this link to be part of a new effort to grow food for Gowanus Community Fridge.
2. You'll get a special 20% off code for ordering food-producing seedlings and supplies from Nature Based NY.
3. Use the code to order here by end of day on March 21st. By signing up, you're pledging to help feed our neighbors.
4. Once your seedlings arrive later this spring, plant them where you find space - your stoop, roof, windowsill; any nook and cranny. Raise crops to fill the free Gowanus community fridges with bounty later!

Happy growing and sharing!  Send PMFA photos of your plantings. we would love to see them.


Anonymous said...

Love it!!

Unknown said...

Coming from a family who ran a florist and nursery for many years in Middle Village, I would like to add a few comments. First, if you have never grown plants from seeds, you'll find it a bit more labor intensive than you might think. These are extremely delicate plants that can go horribly wrong in a day if the weather is against you or if they are neglected. Secondly, you just can't throw seedlings into any "nook and cranny" and expect any sort of product from them, they need soil and plenty of it. Now if people utilize their back yards or front to this endeavor, there's a slight chance this will make a difference to the community this Fall/late Summer...plants grow slowly. BTW, when one say nooks and crannies, it implies tight spaces. These will need watering probably three times a day depending on sun. The concept is good for the neighborhood but practically it has little chance of succeeding.