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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Very Fetching: New Plywood Color At 340 Court Street

I'll be damned. Last week, the Long Island College Ambulatory Care site formerly known as the Anthony Anastasio International Longshoremen's Association Building at 340 Court Street had its ground floor windows boarded up. In addition, rat baiting warning signs appeared on the front door windows.
Just today, two men were busy painting the plywood black. That seems like a lot of trouble to go through for the Clarett Group, the development company that bought this huge site right in the heart of Carroll Gardens. Now rumor has it that Clarett wants to move quickly, so demolition of the existing building could happen very soon. No design has been presented yet, but hushed voices talk about townhouses along the side streets with a much taller building along Court. I like the sound of townhouses, but my idea of townhouse may be different than Clarett's.
In any case, the black paint on the plywood camouflages the fact that something big is about to happen at 340 Court.

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Anonymous said...

Look, I'm not a NIMBY and look forward to the renderings for this building. Hopefully, It isn't as ugly as the building they are going to replace and the floor heights would be a respectable 10' and up instead of the modern 7'8" standard of today's construction in order to have as many floors as possible pancaked due to NIMBY constraints about building heights.

Katia said...

Is the building on that site ugly? Yes,indeed! As a matter of fact, it is god awful. Would I like to see some nice townhouses on there? You bet.
What I will miss though, is the wide open space that is now surrounding the existing building.
Presumably, the new construction will go up all the way to the sidewalk which will surely change the overall look of that intersection.
I have heard that the developer may meet with the community to present their plan. How about inviting Mr. Stein, developer of the 360 Smith Street site at the same time.
We have yet to see his revised drawing for the site.

Anonymous said...

Property rights in Brooklyn seem to be an oxymoron. The only thing the community should take concern about and mind their own business is the structural integrity of the building and at most the way too hideous and ugly as to drive down property values, but not anything that they might say is ugly as a typical cynical Brooklynite.

If one is concerned about the "open space" that might be lost due to a property owner rightfully, lawfully wanting to build out to the sidewalk like everybody else, then that person should offer to tear down their own building in order to create said open space.

Busybodies on blogs are ruining NY.

Kelly said...

Hi Anon 1:59Pm

"Busybodies on blogs are ruining NY"

That's quite a catchy slogan.
You should put that on t-shirts and market them. I am sure politicians and developers alike would love to own one!
How about bumper stickers...

But, really. You overestimate bloggers. Ruining New York? Really?