Thursday, December 20, 2007

Say, What Is The Name Of This Lovely Shade Of Green?


A neighborhood friend called me yesterday morning: " You have to come and get a load of the color they are painting the Western Union store on Court Street" From the tone in his voice, I knew it was bad.
"What color are they using?"
"The most awful green you can imagine" he communicated with apparent disgust in his voice. Well, I have never grabbed my camera so quickly.
Already from afar, I could see the bright green storefront. The word "awful" did not quite do this particular shade justice. "Jaw dropping" would be more appropriate. They were just putting the last brush strokes on the place when I arrived. They had only painted the ground level of the house. The floors above the store front remained a mess of peeling brown paint, which made the newly electric green part look even more horrific.
Obviously not everyone thought the color was terrible. Just as I was walking by, two nannies with their charges had stopped to inquire about the name of the paint. One of the painters was showing them the lid of one of the paint cans. I heard him say :
" Yes, you can get it at Lowe's. They mix it right up for you!"
I bet they do, I thought to myself...

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Anonymous said...

It is no longer green but a blue grey.