Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sorry, Can't Be Fixed!


Another Old Brooklyn Fixture Biting The Dust?
Looks as though the G & D Television store on Henry at the corner of Atlantic is being emptied of old T.V. sets. A huge dumpster right in front of the place was filled to the rim with them. Anyone know what's next for this place?

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Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised, but will miss that weird place. You couldn't even get inside with old electronics piled up to the ceiling. I once brought in a radio to be fixed--I think it was two years ago--and finally had to give up on getting it back. (The repair guy was looking for "a part".) I will miss this anachronistic oddity.

Kelly said...

It is one of those places that everyone took for granted and will miss now that is gone.
I wonder if your radio was in that huge dumpster.

Anonymous said...

Yeah another one! Well I guess that's part of life...
For example, I think of Trader's Joe as a good news for our neighbourhood

I am still wondering who is going to take the Blockbuster spot on Court! Hopefully not a bank or a CVS...

Kelly said...

I am wondering myself. It is quite a space. But it is too big for a bank. So unfortunately I think another drug store may be more interested in the site. We don't have a Duane Reade yet...that would be a change from Rite-Aid and CVS.
There used to be a sporting goods store in there about 12-15 years ago.
Before then, it was a store that sold some of the ugliest lamps I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

The Blockbuster is rumored to be the site of a (yes,again) Micky D's. This was announced in passing by a developer at a meeting I attended about 10 days ago.
I don't know who would be able to verify the rumor.


Anonymous said...

Once again, the Micky D's rumor has surfaced. This time it was announced by a developer at a meeting I attended about 10 days ago.