Monday, January 21, 2008

Bank Of America In Red On Court!

Look, No Tellers!
When the Mexican Restaurant closed at the corner of Court Street and Atlantic Avenue, I was hopeful that it would be replaced by something the neighborhood could use and not just another realty office, drug store or bank. That hope lasted for about, lets be generous, five minutes.
No sooner had the wooden construction fence gone up, a sign appeared announcing ANOTHER BANK!
Bank Of America, to be precise. And here it is, pictured above. And look! No tellers. Just a few machines. Big deal. Just what we needed.
The new branch is a vision of red. Red painted brick building, red BoA logo, everything red. And it looks stupid.
The two reds kind of clash. I know most of you think I am nit-picky, but as a former fashion designer, these things just kill me.

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J$ said...

the sign needs a different colored border to separate it visually from the brick.

amarilla said...

I hope the cash will be red.

Anonymous said...

I agree, it looks terrible

rita : ) said...

what an eyesore. just plain tacky. i think, i feel a migraine coming on just looking at that picture. oi...

Gear List said...

It's red all over california as well. I think it's China now that owns the BoA banks!