Sunday, January 20, 2008

What's Luxurious About 45 3rd Place?


45 3rd Place

Very skimpy support of rear addition

Water drenched towels in basement

Basement floor showing signs of leak

Walk in shower stall with cracking seams

Busted window in top floor unit
What happened here?
Slate On Rear Balcony
Dangling recess lighting in first floor kitchen
Water damage along one of the sliding doors
One of the baseboard heaters in the bathroom

Now I don't usually attend open houses in Carroll Gardens, but when I read last week that there would be an open house at the "hunchback" building at 45 3rd Place, I just had to go and check it out. The two duplexes in this condo conversion are on the market for the stiff price of $1,595,000 for the lower apartment and $1,555,000 for the upper unit.
Good luck getting that! Let me just say that I was amazed. Broken window, wet rags in the basement, cheap heating units barely screwed to the get the picture.
No wonder these condos have been on the market for months.
You just have to wonder why the realtor Brown Harris Stevens is hanging in there.
And most importantly, why are they showing the place looking the way it does with all the very obvious flaws?

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Anonymous said...

looks horrible, good job reporting - I cannot believe they were allowed to mutilate the town house!!

Anonymous said...

I posted about this on Brownstoner a while back but the rear support is not skimpy. It looks fine. Just because they chose to impersonate a more massive building doesn't mean that the building is some how poorly supported. When they were building it people made this comment but it looks like they put a pretty nice sized steel post in there. There's plenty to criticize(PLENTY!) but making comments implying that the structure is deficient is some way is more ignorance than anything else.

Oh, and the water damage by the sliding door looks more like stain from the floor.

Anonymous said...

While the support may be sturdy after all, it does look skimpy, and I think that's what Katia implied. About the stain... it is definitely water damage... look at the water stain up the drywall at the corner - there is some sort of leak going on there. While I would prefer the original house to have been left alone. An extension could have been done in a way to respect the original architecture, even if the extension would have been modern. The original house roof should have been left alone and the rear extension should have been stepped in a bit. Oh well... in 10, 20, 50, 100 years how will this look?

Anonymous said...

I used to go buy this house quite often and think, "wow, it would look really nice if they just got rid of that cheesy brown siding on the otherwise nice bay window.

Now this will home will never ever look nice again. There was continuity between it and the other houses on both its own block and the precedind and following streets' corner homes.

Now, looking at myriad water damage that is occuring, this is going to turn into even more of an eyesore. They just don't seem to have been able to seal the envelope.

I usually have empathy to burn for folks who encounter problems with their homes, but I believe here as on my block on Union St. with the marble-faced nausoleum, you have two owners whose greed was exceeded only by their total lack of taste.