Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hey, Doggie, Whatcha Doing In Carroll Park?


Dear Carroll Gardens Doggie,
I have been told by a neighborhood resident that your owners walk you in Carroll Park every day. They allow you to run all over the Big Rock planting area where you leave your droppings every morning. I guess they have never seen the signs posted about the park clearly stating that you are not allowed in the park. They also ignore the fact that you should be on a leash. And they certainly don't follow the law telling them to CLEAN UP after you. I guess your owners are just plain rude...
Your owners have told others to "mind their own business" when they are reminded of the rules. Well, it is everyone's business. You see, your waste is in an area where children play.
And if your owners don't clean up after you, someone either has to do it for them or some poor kid is inevitably going to play in it. Yuck....
Your owners have demonstrated that they don't have enough sense to understand this, so hopefully you will.

P.S.: Could you please tell your other canine friends that the fenced toddler area is not a dog run?

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Anonymous said...

WOW, thank you for that. I have experience the same thing with dog walkers in Cobble Hill Park. The signs are very prominent yet poeple to it. i have called several dog owners on it and get attitude back. This makes the point really well. By the way i do sincelry love dogs and love to see them off leashes but not where kids are regularly playing or i'm walking.

Anonymous said...

how rude of these people! what part of english and diagram do they not understand? i bet, that these are the same people who complains and whines about anything and irrelevant, even.

by the way, i love your blog. i'm not a native NY'er - only been there to visit when we used to live in the States. but at the same time, it's great to see some pictures of the city, espcially since we've been living overseas for a few years now.

Anonymous said...

These dog owners are the ones who can't comprehend the fact that not everyone gets along with dogs. I lived in a building where there were only two non-dog-owners - me and an airline pilot. I had to move thanks to arrogant dog owners in the building and the area. These are the owners who ruin it for the good owners who I hope are the majority.