Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sweet Nostalgia On Henry Street

On Henry Street around the corner from Union.
A reminder of the "old" Carroll Gardens, or at least the way it was when I first moved into the neighborhood more than two decades ago. There were many small stores that actually served the community. Places of business with straight forward signs.
" Barber Shop"
What could be simpler? No pretense!
Disappearing quickly.

P.S. Is this place still open, dear reader?

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Anonymous said...

Dear Katia:
Somehthing eles to be nostalgic about; walkng past 340 court today the contractor was meeting with tree removal company about taking the trees off the site and cutting back the ones on the curb to make demolition easier. It sounded imanent.

Kelly said...

Well, it was bound to happen. With the asbestos mostly removed, they will be ready soon to start demo.

Regarding the barber shop:
My husband just informed me that he used to go there all the time when he lived on Union Street ( and still had hair). He said the barber was a really nice guy.

Anonymous said...


I think it's still open, I was there last month... no news on the possible upcoming close...

Hopefully they took their annual vacation...

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is still in business. My boyfriend gets his hair cut at this place. BTW, check out the HAIR COVE at 105 Carroll St near the BQE. It's an even cooler old-school barbershop exterior.

Kelly said...

Oh, how cool.
The place is alive and well. Good news.
I'll try to take my camera over to Carroll and BQE when I have a chance.
Thanks for the tip.

gtrotta said...

Lana, the owner-operator, is a very nice person. She gives a nice haircut for $10.00 and a great hot towel shave.

You see her walking down Union to work every morning and walking back after putting in a long day.

Her reading materials include Daily News, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Sports Illustrated and a few of those fizzle uber-hip consumerist mags like Cargo, Gear, etc.

Anonymous said...

Ask Lana to tell you a joke when you are there. She tells amazing old fashioned (like before Fw:fwfwfwfw`s )jokes! Better still, memorize and tell her one back! Great unisex haircuts! I have been a patron for 15 years or more.

Anonymous said...

What, doesn't "Bar" and "Grocery" count as straightforward names?:)