Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Why Does January 29th Sound So Familiar?


Story Update:
Pardon Me For Asking, but does anyone know what Hillary Clinton is doing on January 29th?
It is the date of the Florida Primary.
Does the date ring a bell, dear Carroll Gardens friends? Could it be that a certain councilman will be out of town and can't hold a rally on that day?
I don't know, I am just asking.

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* *****************An Update To the Update*********************
Guess what? As of this morning, the date for the rally is back on for the 29th of January.
Confusing? You bet!

******************Hopefully The Last Update***********************

If anybody else was wondering if Bill deBlasio was in town, I saw him walking in downtown Brooklyn today!

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Anonymous said...

You know, I am not really the gambling type but if I had twenty bucks I would put it on Bill DeB. either not showing up on Tuesday or at the very least, coming late! Meanwhile, someone told me on the street tonite that Tom Gray is asking for "volunteers" with flyering. I wonder if he will be bringing any tape or will CG have to provide its own?

Kelly said...

Well, despite my skepticism, I saw Bill DeBlasio in downtown Brooklyn today. ( I just updated the post)

But I agree with you. He still has to show up and show up ON TIME.

gtrotta said...

Why are we holding a protest on a weekday when most people in the neighborhood work? Probably six people will be able to show and the news media and builders will says, "Oh, no one really cares"

Why don't we organize something for the Saturday after next -- a procession from the three hideous buildings on Court, Carroll and Smith we've had jammed into our nabes and down our (asbestos breathing) throats?

We could create some paper mache floats of old brownstones and bear them about atop litters, much like St. Stephens' parisioners carry the Madonna Addolarata about in September. And smash them at each stop to show how the buildings are destroying our neighborhood.

There's strength in numbers and impact in theater.