Thursday, February 28, 2008

Busy Day At 333 Carroll Street


Yesterday was a busy day at 333 Carroll Street, the building with the huge metal top. After months of inactivity, workers were spied on the top floor. In addition, bright lights have been illuminating the structure for two nights in a row. Pardon me for asking, but what's going on?

Carroll Gardeners still don't know what exactly will happen at 333 Carroll Street. The community has been outraged by the height added to the former manufacturing building being converted into condos. The fact that Robert Scarano, the controversial architect, was involved, is not helping matters.

On February 21st, a meeting was finally held at Councilmember Bill DeBlasio's office to discuss 333 Carroll with a group of local residents. Though the building's developer Fischman was not in attendance, he sent his General Contractor, Tom Link, and two Aguayo & Hubener realtors. Tom Gray was representing Bill DeBlasio.

Unfortunately, plans for the project were unavailable partly because it seems that architect Scarano is being replaced and partly because the height of the project is still being challenged.

Residents were told that the construction would proceed in a safe manner and that no one wanted problems with the neighbors. There were no firm timetables available for either demo or construction but they did indicate that there was a strong possibility of working on both Saturday and Sunday, if permits were granted by D.O.B.

That sounds just great, just great. I have the feeling the next few months will be very interesting, indeed, at 333 Carroll.

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