Thursday, February 07, 2008

Neighbor Envy On Dean Street


On Dean Street right off Smith Street, there was a very cute little house. It fit in nicely between its neighbors, though it was smaller. And that was no good because envy took hold. The owner thought it should be as tall as the others. So you see, he added a floor made of shiny new metal. And three small square windows were added as well.
So now it's as tall as the house by its side. The owner must really be proud!

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Anonymous said...

In general I like your blog, but sometimes (and it more and more lately) you really get all high and mighty and judgemental. You should really get off your high horse sometimes. Not everything that happens that you don't like in your neighborhood is because of greed or envy. Maybe the family that lived there was expecting a child or had a relative who was fleeing poverty in another country and needed more space. Maybe cladding the addition with matching brick was way more expensive than cladding it with metal and since the property owner was not extremely wealthy this was all they could afford to do. Yes, we all have to live together and the actions of other people impact our lives, but you really need to start developing a healthier respect for individual property rights and recognize that these people have the right to do what they want with their properties (within limits) and noone needs to come to you for approval.

Anonymous said...

A dump is a dump.
Keep calling them like you see em.
maybe maybe maybe- whatev.
I dont think PMFA has any illusions about her power over others property rights- but she has every right to complain. The place looks like junk and they could have easily made it look a lot better.

Anonymous said...

No one needs our approval, but when they do things that bring down the value of all our properties, they shouldn't be surprised at the opprobrium.

Maybe they're planning a coat of bronze paint? That might make it fit in.

Even friggin plywood with faux slate shingles would look better than this. It's just laziness.

This goes on and on and it's becoming inevitable that there's really only one answer...


Anonymous said...

Individual property rights does not mean one has the right to do as he/she pleases with the property. The best interest of the community should prevail. The addition looks terrible and could have easily made more appealing with faux slate shingles or copper. I have difficulty believing the owner was cash strapped and resorted to this. The problem is some people do not appreciate the value of these century-old facades and the general character the offer. We need more Katias. Good riddens to the obnoxiousness of 12:11.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I was just walking by that the other day and thought: "At least it's something interesting, too bad they cheaped out on the windows." There's actually another very much like this on Pacific across from PS261 (where I walk everyday to drop off my two kids). As far as being done for envy, I seriously doubt that, for money, yes.