Monday, March 31, 2008

Carroll Gardeners Protest Out-Of-Scale Development


How high is a 70 foot building? The Union-Sackett Block Association together with members of C.O.R.D. came up with a clever way of showing the neighborhood: balloons on 70 foot strings. So on Saturday, they gathered in front of the Clarett site at 340 Court Street and let the balloons rise into the air. And rise they did, alarmingly high.
The group then walked to the 360 Smith Street site where more balloons were flown. Though the wind was less than cooperative at times, the demonstration was visually quite effective.
Carroll Gardeners are encouraged to attend the upcoming meeting with the Clarett Group, at which the group will be presenting the plans for their Court Street site.
The meeting will be held at P.S.58 at 7Pm on Thursday, April 3rd.

For More Information, please go to:
The Union -Sackett Block Association

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Anonymous said...

How many apartments are planned for 360 Smith Street, and for the Court Street site?

Kelly said...

According to the Union-Sackett Group whose members are very well informed on the project:
Back on Court St., the basic structure of the latter building is an L-shape that begins on Court St. just south of Apple Bank building and turns corner onto Union. Further West on Union, the building will slant gradually backwards join the setback strip of four townhouses in such a way that it will not create a right angle.

In the main building, the sixth story will have private terraces and the seventh story will have shared and private rooftop space.

The total number of units are: 10 townhouses (four on Sackett, six on
Union) on 100x20 plots. The buildings will be set back ten feet from property line, be 50 feet deep, and have 40 foot long backyards.

The 30 condo units condos will average 1900 square feet and be mostly 3 bedrooms. Some on Union St. will be configured as maisonettes with ground-floor entrances and small outdoor spaces; the second floors in the back of these structures will stick out to create a private outdoor area."

The community will find out more on the project at the meeting.