Monday, March 31, 2008

Earth Hour 2008 Brings A Bit Of Reality Into This Brooklyn Home


Candles lighting our living room during
Earth Hour 2008

Yes, we turned off the light between 8 and 9 PM on Saturday for Earth Hour 2008. What fun, truly! I lit some candles and we gathered in one room and talked! Yes, did nothing but talk. After a busy week, it was exactly what we needed. It was just for an hour, but it is something that we should all do more often.

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BestViewInBrooklyn said...

We did it too. It was so lovely that we actually made it 90 minutes or so instead of 60. I suggested that my husband and I make it a weekly tradition to unwind and just talk. It seems so odd that something so basic needs a special occasion to occur.

Kelly said...

Good morning Kdw,
I think our lights stayed off a bit longer than the 60 minutes as well.
I loved the idea that we were joined by people all over the world in this very simple display of unity for a healthier planet.
I am hoping that more Brooklynites will join next year.

Anonymous said...

We did it in our home also, I was a little disappointed not seeing Manhattan shut it's lights out.

Kelly said...

I know. I guess New York wasn't too into this. Plenty of lights on my block, too.
It was not even publicized by the local news channels. A Pity!

Jennifer Henry said...

We totally forgot, then remembered at about 8:57 so turned off all the lights for 3 whole minutes (gulp). There was (sadly) enough light from all the digital displays on microwave, oven, coffee maker, video, DVD and smoke alarm LED to keep it real.