Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Sweet Little Garden at Warren And Smith Streets Makes Room For New Construction

Monday: Scaffold going up at 311 Warren Street / 180 Smith Street

View From Warren Street towards Smith

Tuesday: Bright red fencing hides the little garden completely

On Monday, I happened to walk by the corner of Warren and Smith Streets and saw with chagrin that construction crews were putting a scaffold around the empty corner lot at 311 Warren Street/ 180 Smith Street. There has always been a garden there with two small trees, one of them a beautiful red maple.

Today, I ventured back hoping that I had imagined the whole thing. But in the rain, the construction workers had blocked the lot from view completely, the trees and the little garden gone forever.
A five story building is coming in its place. That much I gathered from the D.o.B. web site.
Does anyone out there have more information?

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. This lot was the parking space and side yard of house next door on Warren St. Owner sold off the house couple years ago but kept the side yard lot and now looks like developing.
Honeysuckle always smelled nice thistime of year. But the garden itself was never in view because of vinyl sheet blocking it.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the additional information. I love the house next door on Warren. It was standing all by itself for a very long time, what with this garden on one side and the lot on the other, before they build the "faux chateau" looking condos.

Now it will be dwarfed by the new 5 story construction.