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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Watch Your Belongings While Dining Al Fresco On Smith Street

Sign attached to Zaytoons outdoor dining partition

Hang on to your personal belongings while sitting at an outdoor restaurant table on Smith Street. While you are looking over a menu, someone may be eyeing your pocket book.

According to the Brooklyn Paper's Police Blotter, that is exactly what happened on April 22nd.
The newspaper article does not mention the name of the restaurant, but for about two weeks now, Zaytoons has posted signs like the one shown above to their outdoor area. So, next time you dine al fresco, be careful.

From The Brooklyn Paper, May 8th 2008

Unmasked man

A man brazenly reached over a gate at a Smith Street restaurant and stole a woman’s purse in plain sight of the victim and her friend on April 22, yet neither woman got a good look at him.

It wasn’t too long before police found a man with her purse on Hoyt Street at 10 pm.

The pocketbook was returned to its rightful owner, but because the lady wasn’t positive it was the same man who had interrupted her dinner, he was not arrested.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this is common sense no matter where you dine. We do live in a relatively safe neighborhood, but you must never let down your guard. I've been very surprised to see so many women in Smith St restaurants who so casually dangle their bags on the chair backs or dump them on the floor next to them. Bad, bad idea. They are inviting trouble. Please, girls, keep your bags on your laps. No need to be paranoid, but be very aware of your surroundings.