Friday, June 13, 2008

'Twilight On The Waterfront': Nate Kensinger Exhibit At The Central Library


I received this email from blogger friend Nate Kensinger. If you are not familiar with his blog or with his incredible photos of our ever changing and disappearing industrial Brooklyn, you just have to click here.
Nate's "Twilight On The Waterfront- Brooklyn's Vanishing Industrial Heritage"show at the Central Brooklyn Public Library starts June 18th. I'll try to catch it. Here is more info from Nate, himself:

Hi Katia -

I wanted to invite you to my upcoming photography exhibit at the Brooklyn Library on Grand Army Plaza. Its titled "Twilight on the Waterfront - Brooklyn's Vanishing Industrial Heritage" and is a timely exhibit about the Brooklyn industrial waterfront. It features rare views inside places like the Domino Sugar Refinery, Admirals Row, and underneath the Atlantic Yards, along with concise descriptions of each location and its endangered status.

The show opens on June 18th and goes to August 30th. On June 18th, there will be a "meet the artists" viewing of the work from 7:30pm to 9pm, in the Grand Lobby of the library.

Also showing is Randy Duchaine, with a selection of his portraits of NY waterfront trade titled "New York Waters."

Ironically, "Twilight on the Waterfront" opens on the same day as the Red Hook Ikea, and features several photos from inside the historic structures that were destroyed during the Ikea construction process. Those shots, like most of the photos in the show, were taken in off-limits areas the public rarely gets to see.

More information about my show can be seen here:

Best -

Nathan Kensinger

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