Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Moment In Time: Sprinkler Fun


Late morning in Carroll Park.
The sun is shining
The sprinkler is on,
Life is good!


Anonymous said...

When I was growing up, the Carroll Park sprinkler was actually a wading pool. It would hold about six inches of water maximum, and it as surrounded by an iron fence. I remember many fun hours splashing around in it with my little friends.

Kelly said...

You are right. I remember that too. I used to sit against the fence while my daughter splashed about. I think she always thought it was a pool, too.
Today's sprinkler was installed in the late 1980's when the park was renovated.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katia,
I'm 9:58. When the renovation began, I thought that the park would actually be restored to its orginal layout, but it wasn't. The orginal layout that I remember included more grassy areas and more benches. It was really pretty, and I was disappointed to see that it wasn't replicated.

Caroline Bawedin said...

It's such a beautiful place :)
Kids have probably fun there!