Thursday, October 16, 2008

Carroll Gardens Hunchback Still Languishing On Market


The Carroll Gardens' Hunchback at 45 3rd Place

The once stately brownstone at 45 3rd Place, otherwise known as the "Hunchback Of Carroll Gardens' has been languishing in real estate limbo for many months. Due to the impossibly goofy addition to the back, the building was much discussed and ridiculed.
After a very long delay, the two duplexes in the buidlding were put on the market in 2007 by Brown Harris and Stevens. The lower unit was priced at
$ 1,535,000, the upper one for $1,495,000. If the owner/developer had hoped for a quick flip, he must have been surprised that there were no takers. After all, it was the height of the real estate market here in Carroll Gardens.
It quickly became obvious that buyers were not impressed by, most probably due to some very visible flaws as I discovered at one of the open houses.
So the duplexes sat and sat, through the fall, then the spring. Then in May, realtor
Phillis Norton-Towers tried a new marketing approach. She offered the entire house for $2,995,000. Still no takers.
These days, the house is being offered by Cobble Heights Realty. It remains to be seen if this agency will have better luck finding a buyer. For the moment, the house is still offered at $2,995,000. Considering the fact that this place has seen no action for more than a year and that the market has cooled off considerably, is that really realistic?

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Anonymous said...

Buyers will invest that much in the area even now. I heard of even bigger sales including a house with a small carriage house on Remsen near Hicks street going for 10 million plus. However, people do want historically interesting and beautiful buildings at those prices. This house has been architecturally spoiled and you can even see from the outside the addition is not well built and just thoughless.

Anonymous said...

it looks like the developer is trading physical therapy for rent on this place...someone named rukshinda risvi, a physical theripist in nyc is now living in the less ugly upper duplex...i can't imagine her paying the askingrent of 6500/ month, so i guess that the idiot is making some sort of deal with her