Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shame On You, City Council!


Change NYC. Org Press Release

ChangeNYC.Org Blasts Council Vote as a “Coup d’Etat”

The City Council’s vote to extend term limits legislatively is a devastating blow to our City’s democracy. Today’s vote marks a frightening shift in power from the people to the politicians.

Not only have New Yorkers twice voted for term limits in the past fifteen years, but only yesterday a Quinnipiac poll showed that an overwhelming 87% of the people insisted that any changes to the term limits law had to be put before the voters.

But this afternoon, while real New Yorkers worked for a living, the City Council stealthily disenfranchised the five boroughs. In any other country, this type of shameless power grab would be called a coup d’├ętat.

ChangeNYC.Org is here to console the people of New York not to lose hope. If we stand together, we still can take back our government before it is too late.

Go to right now and sign up to join the people’s movement for change in our City.

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Anonymous said...

our city does need bloomberg to stay, so enough with all this... Katia, neighborhoods like yours prospered under the Giuliani/Bloomberg revival. We can finally be proud to be from Brooklyn. What do you want? Thompson for mayor? He'll sky-rocket social services while raising taxes on you and me. So, yes, ideally you are right, but I must insist we need Bloomberg to stay and most New Yorkers likely agree... By the way, love your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Was shameful what council did. Has nothing to do with how I feel about Bloomberg administration(who I like) or term limits (which I do not favor).
But people voted for it - and now the city council has moved faster on this bill then they have on anything before in history. Was a sham, backroom deals, arm-twisting and example of bad government.
Horrible horrible.
All of these supposedly progressive politicians have just slimed themselves.
No wonder so much of the public is so cynical about government.
Will never vote for Yassky, Bloomberg.

Anonymous said...

welcome in the club

Anonymous said...

I'm against term limits. If the Mayor (or anyone else)runs for a third term, and if people don't want him/them to win, they will vote NO. If you don't like a candidate, vote him/her out. That's a TRUE term limit. That said, I believe we need the Mayor's expertise and judgment to get us through this financial mess, otherwise we are doomed to suffer another 1970s financial/social debacle, and many of you are not old enough to remember what the city was like during that very very bad time. So I respectfully say "get over it," and let's think of the city's well-being instead of an emotionally-driven law that was enacted after people were fed up with Mayor Koch's multiple terms in office.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for leading the fight to save democracy in our city Bill de Blasio! I am proud to have you represent me.