Monday, November 10, 2008

Stop Work Order Of The Day: Destroying Existing Building When Permit Only Allows Two Additional Floors


The permit posted on the fence at 85 3rd Street was issued for "two additional floors on existing building." Problem is, as far as I can see, there is no more existing building.
What used to be there, a small three story brick house, has been demolished behind a plywood fence. The only remaining part of the structure are the beams that once made up the top floors.
Head on over to the Department of Building's web site here to check out the numerous complaints that have been called in on this construction site. It truly is amazing.
Oh, and there is a stop work order on the site....Small wonder!

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Anonymous said...


There is a $1,750,000 construction loan (convertible to a permanent loan) from Wachovia on the property. So needs to be built to pay same.


Anonymous said...

The SWO is for failure to have engineering for piles, etc. to support the extra stories. Technically, what they are doing and what they have a permit may be exactly the same thing, and may be entirely legal and within the building code.

(And realistically, do you really want someone to just drop two additional stories on THAT structure?!?)

Anonymous said...

I don't pretend to know all about building permits and codes, but I do live on this block and have watched the demo of this building. I know that the building owner never informed his neighbors that major work was going to be done (which he is supposed to). It also seems suspect to me that they would take the building apart by hand. Were they trying to stay off DOB's radar? And despite being shut down for the past month, their dumpster is still there taking up parking and keeping that part of the street from being cleaned.

Anonymous said...

the building code allows you to remove no more than 50% of the exterior walls (which include party walls in this condition) so what they are doing seems to be fine.

as for the container they probably have a permit for that.

they prob. demo'd the house by hand so they dont cause any damage to the nieghbor.

do you people ever stop complaining!!!