Friday, December 05, 2008

Clarett Restores Sidewalk In Front Of "Collection On Court'


Just last week, I reported that Clarett was pausing construction at their "Collection On Court" at 340 Court Street for a few months. As I mentioned before, Carroll Gardeners weren't very enthusiastic about the large Rogers Marvel designed building, but they sure hadn't signed up for a huge hole in the ground in the middle of the neighborhood either.
If indeed, construction is going to be discontinued for a while, it is important that Clarett maintains the site. Responding to a request from the neighborhood and from elected officials, the developer moved the blue construction fence back to the property line yesterday, restoring the sidewalk for pedestrians. That's good news.
Lets hope they will continue to be responsive and responsible for their property. After all, they came, demolished, dug and....left us with this giant pit.

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