Monday, December 29, 2008

Curbing A Canine Visitor On The Streets Of Carroll Gardens


Dear Reader,
No, I do not have a dog. This little canine cutie belongs to my niece. She brought him along to my house for the holidays. I have to say that 'Moritz' was a great guest, well behaved and perfectly respectful of my oriental carpets. He seemed to enjoy his visit and took to Brooklyn as though he had always lived here.
I had the pleasure of taking a walk with him around the neighborhood, which was kind of interesting. I am always astounded that dog owners let their dogs pee against buildings. So here I was, trying to be a very good dog walker. I lead him away every time he lifted his little hind leg. However, curbing the little fellow was quite a challenge. I felt bad that I so rudely interrupted his natural flow. But I am proud to say that I managed.
Just wished that others could do the same...I really hate finding puddles right in front of my gate.

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