Monday, February 09, 2009

After 18 Years On Smith Street,"Zaida's House Of Beauty " To Close


When people talk about Smith Street as 'restaurant row', they tend to forget that neighborhood stores that had been there for a long time before the street became a tourist destination.
Some managed to hang on for a while, barely surviving amongst the newer and trendier restaurants and boutiques. However, the lone survivors have been closing one by one, victims of greedy landlords and now, the bad economy. Add Zaida's House of Beauty Salon, at 178 Smith Smith Street between Warren and Wickoff, to that list. A reader had this to say in a comment:
"Zaida's been there 18 years and her rent is now unaffordable and is closing next week. One more casualty of the Smith Street rent wars."
Farewell, Zaida. Sorry to see you go. Smith Street will be a lot less interesting without stores like yours.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Katia for posting this. Zaida has been my wifes hairdresser for many years and my daughter calls her TiTi Zaida. It was always a place to come get your hair done and catch up on some good gossip. Luckily she is relocating to 69 6th Ave & Bergen st so she is determined to succeed while meeting new neighbors and welcoming back loyal clients.
Next on the goodbye list is Valentina's laundry on Smith between Butler and Baltic. Another long term business vs. owner rent wars and the store owner is the loser.
Thanks for listening

Kelly said...

Hi Rick and Miriam,
I have to thank you for sending us the good news that Zaida will stay in business, even if it is not on Smith Street.
You are absolutely right. The landlord will be the loser. In this tough economic times, he first has to find a new tenant.