Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Councilman DeBlasio Advocating For Developers, Not For His Constituents

Councilmember Bill DeBlasio
IMG_7247 by you.
Raw Sewage Floating On The Gowanus Canal
Fema Flood Map Gowanus Area by you.
Official Fema Map Showing Gowanus Area Is Flood Zone
Gowanus Area flooded after heavy rain

What Public Advocate Would Advocate For Development On Highly Toxic Canal In A FEMA Flood Zone?

Councilmember DeBlasio never ceases to amaze me. He consistently seems to be on the opposite side of the table from his constituents here in Carroll Gardens.

Today, in an article in the Daily News, he made it clear that he opposes the Superfund designation for the Gowanus Canal. Here are just a few quotes from the article.

"We, locally, have gotten our act together. The city's doing the right stuff. ... The Toll site will get cleaned up," de Blasio said, charging the Feds would just "get in the way."

De Blasio conceded the city's plan is a "short-term" solution, but said funding for a comprehensive cleanup could be cobbled together from other sources and that the waterway is safe to live near.

"You don't want to drink out of it, you don't want to eat fish out of it, but it is not a danger to live near it," he said. (Daily News)

De Blasio has been an incredible disappointment for the last 7 1/2 years as our councilman. Personally, I can't wait till his term is over.  He has largely been absent during his two terms and totally absent for the last few months, while running his campaign.

But that is only my opinion. What's yours?
How would you rate Bill de Blasio's performance as our local councilman?


Anonymous said...

Personally, I am saddened that our elected representatives continue to work against the community which they serve. If this is Mr. deBlasio's idea of serving his contitituency, I fear he will be better suited working at either Bank of America or Citibank where taking our money for doing nothing is a business model. Despite best efforts by others to support our communities and protect our families, he is more comfortable taking private money and offering us false hope.

I'm certain he takes comfort he'll always have a job at Toll Brothers after all is said and done.

Anonymous said...

Our Councilman Bill or should I say the councilman who represents himself. Every position he has taken was with an eye to his image and next job. He has been big disappointment on every issue other than education. On education he has always been there for the photo ops. I guess if this community would have been a labor union, he would have supported us.

Anonymous said...

We can all only guess that the reason it took weeks for deBlasio to make his statement to the Daily News is that he was waiting for his response to be scripted by the PR firm working for the developers.

If there was a city cleanup plan in place prior to the Superfund announcement, deBlasio's stated preference for the city's cleanup plans should have come much more quickly. Could it be that those city cleanup plans are just now in the process of being drummed-up? Might the alternative cleanup procedures be less "in the way" of the developers work because there are no cleanup plans nor procedures to deal with in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Bluedog Bill: all height, no substance.

Of course the Toll site will get cleaned as that is required but it doesn't address the issue of contaminants in the canal itself. I suppose that funds could be "cobbled together" from other sources since anything is possible and maybe I will see pigs flying down Smith St. Where will these cobbled together funds come from exactly? What are they proposing to do to clean the canal? Let's hear the SPECIFICS of the city's plan if there is one that is more than wishful thinking.

Is Bill basing his assertion that the canal is safe to live next to based on scientific studies or the lure of current and future developer dollars?

Since we now have logical and reasonable grown ups running the federal government I hope the EPA will ignore the whining of the self-interested.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see Frontline last night? About our poisoned waters. You can see online - Bill, you should watch it:

About how whales in Puget Sound are dying because of PCBs. About how precious our wetlands are - that we should treat them as jewels instead of garbage dumps. Also stresses that you cannot see the toxicity in the water, but it's there!

When the EPA comes and nominates a site for Superfund cleanup, just be grateful. Obama wants to put 1 billion into the Superfund. Can we wait for it? We have no choice, and yes, I can wait. Because we need thorough, comprehensive assessment and cleanup. The people who say there is no money in Superfund and it will take time. The City and State have no money. Developers are on a downturn. We don't need some cosmetic job. The city and state have not been able to do much of anything for decades. So don't tell me that now the Feds are getting in their way. Yeah, the Feds are making people nervous. The people who now know this is no place for a land grab for development right now. The people/companies/agencies who will be held accountable for the pollution and may have to pay for the cleanup.

Anonymous said...

I feel a bit sorry for Bill in a way. He cannot feel good about letting down the community or spinning an issue that is really hard to spin. You have to reject a comprehensive, strategic plan put together by the best environmental engineers in the country to get to his point of view. How can you end up anywhere but your ass when you spin like this? How can he explain it to his kids?

Who's running against him? Let's get their position and if they are willing to speak out in support of the Superfund, let's get behind them.


Anonymous said...

Bill DeBlasio gets an "F" from me. He is the worst kind of double-speaking slick POL who only cares about his pockets and the greedy developers who line them with dirty money. His constituents might as well fly to Aruba. They might get better representation on real Carroll Gardens and Gowanus and Downtown Brooklyn issues there! He should NOT!!! be elected to any more political offices especially NOT! (GAG) public advocate! He is the absolute OPPOSITE of a public advocate.

The idea of Bill advocating for the public is like a very bad joke.

Anonymous said...

I really cannot add more or deeper dissatifaction than I have read in these entries. I have only been working on neighborhood issue for about 2 years. I had the impression early on that Mr De Blasio was a good guy and was really trying to help with neighborhood concerns on develpoment issues. It turns out he was actually misleading in some very discouraging ways. I do not think he is a good candidate for Advocate. I will not support him.

Anonymous said...

The other candidates as of now are Mark Green, Norman Seigel, and Eric Goia. I have no idea about Republican candidates.

Anonymous said...

A message to developers who are reading these posts: Quit sending buffoons like Bill DeBlasio to the media to do your dirty work. Council member DeBlasio was easily bought because he needs campaign money for the next election and the election after that, ... Prostitutes are easy to find but you should at least hire more accomplished ones.

The Daily News quote, "De Blasio conceded the city's plan is a "short-term" solution, but said funding for a comprehensive cleanup could be cobbled together from other sources" confirms that Mayor Bloomberg's office is lying. There is no city plan.

To Bill DeBlasio: You are a danger and embarrassment to the citizens of New York and do not deserve to hold elected office. Take your Puttanesca sauce with you!