Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Real Brooklyn Experience: Two Toms On 3rd Avenue

Unchanged for decades:
Two Toms on Third Avenue between President and Union Streets

A Thursday Evening At 'Two Toms'

Father Jimmy
Owner Anthony

Owner Anthony bringing out two giant pork chops

The famous pork chop with red peppers, mushroom and onions.

Giant Shrimp, for those not in the mood for pork chops

Our friend Keith

Keith's daughters Alexandra and Nathalie

"I am from California." our friend Keith told Anthony of Two Toms "What should I have?"
Without hesitation, Anthony said: "Pork Chops."
Yes, indeed. Two Toms is known for their chops. Everyone who has ever entered this family owned business will never forget these enormous slabs of meat. Always eager to provide guests with a real flavor of Brooklyn, my husband and I had suggested dinner at Two Toms to Keith and his family who were visiting us from Oakland.

Fully aware that one doesn't just walk into the place without a reservation, my husband called days ahead. Now, getting a reservation to this place is harder than to some of the hottest Manhattan eateries. Really. Two Toms seems to be fully booked for weeks ahead.
So, we were all rather surprised when we scored a reservation. To complete the experience, our party walked from Carroll Gardens over the Gowanus Canal on the Carroll Street Bridge. I had not been to Two Toms in quite a few years, but I can assure you that nothing has changed in the place. Like a time capsule, it is a reminder of a simpler Brooklyn, one that bears no resemblance to the trendy eateries lining Smith Street or Fifth Avenue.

First opened in the 1940's, it has been operated by the same family ever since. Brothers Anthony and Jimmy now run the establishment. Anthony takes care of the customers while Jimmy is busy cooking. He took over in the kitchen after their mother Angie passed away a few years ago. Their father, also named Jimmy, proudly watches his sons in action from a table in the back.

I did notice one change from the last time we ate at Two Toms. When some at our table ordered the pork chop, Anthony did not follow up with his usual " one or two chops?" When I asked him about it, he grinned: "Na, nobody orders two any more." No surprise. Everyone must have wised up to the fact that one of Tow Toms famous chops is enough to feed a small army. It was a great evening, spend with great friends at a wonderful little Brooklyn restaurant. May it stay open forever and forever.

Two Toms is at 255 Third Avenue.
To make a reservation, call 718 875 8689

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Anonymous said...

This is a great review for a great place to eat...the neighborhood eateries, both obscure and not so obscure can certainly benefit from your blog...not to mention, I plan on adding to my "go to" list for great eats. thanks

Katia said...

If you go, say hi to the boys!
And when you do, order the pork chop, unless of course, you are a vegetarian.

B make sure you make a reservation!

Anonymous said...

Unchanged? Excuse me that TV looks new!

Katia said...

Touché! And they were all glued to it.

Brooklyn Granny said...

Two Toms is one of those places where you go to be pampered. You will always feel warm and welcomed when your there. You definitely will never leave hungry or empty handed for that matter. Anthony is like your brother. The crowd is lively and friendly. It is the place to go to for good comfort food like mama made! A must go for everyone who loves food!
Linda Kranz