Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Take Me To Prospect Park... To See David Byrne


David Byrne in Prospect Park

What a fantastic night!

Every minute of the concert given by David Byrne last night was a pure pleasure.
Entertaining a huge crowd on a Monday evening, the ever-stylish Byrne was as amazing as ever.
For one and a half hours, he captivated the audience, brought them to their feet and then asked him to come back for two encores.
What a showman. He still got the moves and his music is as edgy as ever.
The concert was part of the Celebrate Brooklyn! festival in the park. In a statement, Byrne said:

" We all know that Brooklyn has been the explosively creative borough in the tri-state area for quite some time, so it only made sense to acknowledge that by doing a show at the celebrate Brooklyn! festival. Given the cost of concert tickets these days, the poor hedge fund guys and investment bankers can no longer afford them. So made sense to do a free show, as the tour has been going incredibly well and we can afford it."

Well, I am neither a hedge fund guy, nor an investment banker. Just a blogger. So I appreciated this concert even more.

I hope everybody had a chance to attend last night, because frankly, opportunities like these should not be missed.
Glad I didn't.

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Anonymous said...

That was a fantastic show. We ended up almost directly SW of the stage outside the bandshell area (we had cans & bottles). Sometimes the sound went in and out, dropping lyrics or Byrne's guitar, but for the most part it was fine. For the encores I moved for a more direct view of the stage, which gave a better feel of the energy of the group. The dancers were wonderful, and David Byrne has got serious energy. The music was great! So many favorites from (gasp) thirty years ago. I walked back to Park Circle with a huge smile pasted to my face.


Centers and Squares said...

Thirty years - where did that time go?! Sounds like an excellent concert and looks like the perfect night for it. And you can't beat free for such a great show - sweet!