Tuesday, July 14, 2009

When 'Housing Works' On Montague Was 'Mammy's Pantry'


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I came across this wonderful old postcard from a restaurant, which used to be housed at 122 Montague Street, at the corner of Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights, back in the 1940's. Mammy's Kitchen, was open for lunch and dinner and served Southern cooking which included Shrimp Creole, Maryland crab cakes and fried chicken. Of course Mint Juleps were available at the bar.
Today, the little illustration of 'Mammy' on the postcard would be considered non-politically correct, but back in the 40's, it was most certainly associated with Southern hospitality and cuisine.
The front of the map features a handy street map, "to find your way about." The map also indicates some historical Brooklyn Heights landmarks, such as Tom Paine's house and the spot where Beecher "auctioned Sara the slave."
Today, 122 Montague is the home of Housing Works, a thrift store. Before that, it was Fish's Eddy.
Does anyone remember Mammy's Pantry? Would love to hear from you!


NYC Rhymology said...

It says "To Enlarge, click here"... So I click there and it takes me to a Flickr page that says, "This photo is private... You don't have permission to view this photo." FYI.

Kelly said...

Thanks for letting me know, NYC Rhytmology. Just changed it. Should work now.

Stephanie said...

The most interesting thing about the postcard is what's _not_ there: the BQE and the Promenade!

Kelly said...

Great point, Stephanie.

lookingforinfo said...

I was performing a web search on my family history which involves this restaurant. My grandmother, Ruth Wagner, was the manager in the 1940's. The owner's last name was Heinemann (spelling?). I'm looking for more information - if any please let me know.

Anonymous said...

My grandmother (Christine Catherine Heineman) owned this restaurant. If anyone would like to contact me or my dad Bill Heineman for more information we can be reached at MARY_GRIFFIN1110@comcast.net. We live in Tennessee. Thanks, Mary Heineman Griffin