Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Casa Rosa Restaurant Is Getting A Make-Over


My friend T called me over yesterday. " Hey, Ms. Blogger. Did you know that Casa Rosa is closed? They are gutting the place." I assured him that I would be right on the case.
Sure enough: the interior of the storefront at Number 384 Court Street, the home of one of Carroll Gardens oldest Italian restaurants, is being ripped out.
A quick check on the NYC Department Of Buildings web site confirmed that permit has been issued to " renovate existing restaurant and bar. Relocate Bar and provide new finish material only. Convert existing windows into storefront folding doors. Provide new exterior stucco finish."
When I ran into T. again, he was talking to J., who had it on good authority that the restaurant was not changing hands, but that Casa Rosa's owner was simply revamping his restaurant.
Stay tuned....

Thanks for the tip, T and J !

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Raised in Carroll Gardens said...

I like Casa Rosa, and I'm glad that the building wasn't sold out from under them after all.
- - Remember the sign and remember the talk of a 6 story Condo Complex - - -

Meanwhile, I'll take this opportunity to stroll to the other side of the park and visit my other favorite Itailian eatery - The Red Rose on Smith Street. For over 25 years they (RED ROSE or CASA ROSA) have never let me down.

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

I had dinner there only once, in 1995, and it was not so great. My memory has only retained lots of olive oil. Granted, that was over a decade ago. I prefer The Red Rose for a basic, no frills meal. I'm glad, however, that it is still around and working on renovations. That can only be a good sign, right?

Raised in Carroll Gardens said...

Hi Best View -

Casa Rosa has great Pasta Fragolia, however, I agree that the Red Rose is a much better place to eat.

I just didn't think that we were allowed to favor one place over another.

I meant that by 'they never let me down' was as in "Always there for me & the neighborhood"

But since it's out in the open, YES, the Red Rose is a much better place to eat.

The food is better, the wine list is better, the prices are better and thier Desserts (if you get there early enough for their Mrs Dee's Selections) are out of this world.

But, like Sam's - whose food has been off it's game for years - I'd hate to see Casa Rosa (or Sam's or even Vinny's) turned into a CVS or Starbucks.

Although I wouldn't mind if that happened the "Gowanus Yatch Club" or that "Smith Union Cafe" - -Yuck to both.

Skinny Legs said...

are you kidding me casa rosa is such a nicer setting then red rose!

Unknown said...

I agree with Skinnylegs. My favorite table is right by the window, center. Hope it doesn't get messed up with the renovation. And I hope they finish soon.

natty said...

you can never get a bad dish at casa rosa or marco polo .... sam's is for newbies n yuppies

Raised iN Carroll Gardens said...

Skinny Legs: There's a big difference between a "Better Setting" and actual "Food Taste" - Yes, Casa Rosa is a prettier place but generally the Red Rose has better food. We eat in both places and enjoy both. Red Rose just happens to be more of a favorite of ours.