Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Neighborhood Graffiti: Hipsters Good...Yuppies, Not So Good


Seen on a construction fence at the former OTB at Sackett Street, right off Court Street.
In black spray paint; " Yuppies Out" and then, in discreet white, right next to it:
"Hipsters In!"

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natty said...

i dont know about the hipster part ... but lol to the yuppies out! wouldnt that be nice

Raised in Carroll Gardens said...

Everyone is welcome in Carroll Gardens. However, if you decide to stay then please become a neighbor and JOIN the neighborhood.
Please don't move in because you like it so much, but then try to change us.
We welcome new neighbors and we especailly welcome new friends - - but if you go around complaining that there aren't enough Starbucks then you're just telling us what you think WE did wrong before you got here and saved us.
Join us, live here for 4 or 5 years (full-time) and become our neighbor in a real neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Aren't yuppies and hipsters really the same, just different "style" and wording of the moment?

Raised in Carroll Gardens said...

Hi Anonymous 8:58p/m -

The difference is... Yuppies are when you see 2 or 4 people in a restaurant enjoying appetizers & wine as well as a full meal and a nice dessert.
Hipsters are when you see 2 or 3 people sharing ONE Plate of pasta early in the evening then staggering out of a bar at around 1:a/m
Yuppies can afford the lifestyle (whether they appreciate it or not)
Hipsters are Rent Poor but make the best of it.

natty said...

yuppies call italian ices "frozen treats" ... hipsters can get hit in the head with an ice n not know or care what it was

Anonymous said...

What exactly is wrong with 'yuppies'?

bklynite2000 said...

Why all the hate for 'yuppies'? what did they ever do to anyone?

Anonymous said...

Why all the hate? There's too much name calling, stereotypes, and anger here. If people spent 1/2 of the time wasted trash talking each other on more positive things we'd all be better off.

To newer neighbors: Older people may be happy to get help sweeping their sidewalks if they were respectfully asked. Please quit putting dog shit in neighbor's garbage cans. I am tired of walking around poop you've barely scraped off sidewalk. Curb your dogs. Help garden at the park instead of just playing there and assuming paid landscapers (it's all volunteer and doesn't happen by accident). Help keep this this a great neighborhood by contributing instead of looking to flip your investment and move.

This is not Mayberry. People gossip. They mistrust newcomers. They are mean to each other. It's too bad that the word yuppie is regularly couple with scum. But it's up to us whether we want to live with hate or kindness, cause in the end living with hate is a poison that hurts haters most of all.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:36 -- if you want to help stop stereotyping, stop stereotyping. Stop making all your negative assumptions about newcomers, which are apparent from your instructions to them. Live and let live.

Anonymous said...

I posted this on the other thread as well.

I am really disappointed in this blog for perpetuating and publicizing these types of attitudes -- when you welcome neighbors, don't follow that statement with "however" or "but". We live in a modern, pluralistic society. Reading some of these comments has made me feel like I am as welcome in Carroll Gardens as I am in a medieval hilltop village in the old country. I did not know that such anger existed before, and it is too bad.

Katia said...

Dear Anon 10:41,

In the last few days, I have thought hard about publishing or not publishing some of the more divisive comments. I do however, hate to sensor my readers, unless the comments are really too over the top.
I agree, they do not sound welcoming to newcomers. But I also believe that they come from only one or two readers. The others are all in agreement with you.

I do however think it is good to have this dialogue.
What does everyone else think?

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for your reply Katia. I think it is good to air out these differences, I just hope that what appears to be knee-jerk dislike of 'newcomers' or 'yuppies' is not elevated and legitimized in the process. I have been gratified at the balance of some of the responses.