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Monday, November 30, 2009

Dandelion Boutique Replaces Jewelery Store On Court Street

Once the home of Casale/ Carroll Gardens Jewelers, the small storefront at 306 Court Street, has become home to the 'Dandelion Boutique', a small women's wear and accessory store at 306 Court Street. The boutique just opened its doors two weeks ago.
I popped in on Wednesday and was pleasantly surprised by the small but interesting selection of clothing items. The store also carries handbags and jewelry.

It almost seems bold to open a small boutique, especially since so many similar stores have closed on Court Street recently. Lets see if Dandelion can succeed in this tougher economic climate. I wish them luck.


Molly said...

I would like to add that it was SO refreshing to me to find a boutique in the area that isn't seriously overpriced. Though I've not bought anything there, the prices didn't leave me feeling like I'd need to take out a second mortgage to buy a shirt. The staff was very friendly and seemed excited to be there. I hope other stores very nearby will follow suit.

Anonymous said...

Warning: be careful of Dandelion Boutique (306 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231). I recently bought a dress there whose zipper completely broke the first time I tried to wear it.

The store has only a 7 day return policy, but the owners keep very erratic hours and the store's phone number has no outgoing recording and does not accept voicemail.

After I tried calling several times and stopping by on a Wednesday afternoon to find it closed, I finally got them on the phone and made it to the store when someone was there (later than 7 days from purchase). The owner I dealt with--Carmen--was really unpleasant, and ultimately did not accept the return even though she acknowledged that the item was defective. She also acknowledged that she wasn't being very pleasant in handling the return.

She only offered to give me store credit or an exchange, but I was very wary of getting anything else at her store--I got the distinct impression that some of her merchandise is poor quality. I also found one of the purses that she's selling for a quarter of the price at the costume jewelry store near Smith and Dean. I know her prices are fairly low for the neighborhood, but I suspect that she's basically buying low quality, very cheap items and marking them up as $65-100 dresses and purses.

While Carmen was initially nice and charming when she made the sale, her personality completely changed when dealing with the return of a defective product. Her unpleasant demeanor, coupled with the poor quality of her merchandise, ensure that I will steer clear of this store in the future.

Dandelion said...

It's a shame that the one unhappy customer feels the need to comment on the wonderful blogs that have been written about us but the happy ones go unheard.
At Dandelion Boutique we try our hardest to accommodate every customer that walks through our door. We go over and beyond to make you feel comfortable and welcomed. Unfortunately we can not please everyone.
We tried our hardest to work with Priy on her purchase, even extending our store policy to please her. We sold out on the dress in question and haven't had a problem with anyone else. It was after examining the item that we realized there wasn't a manufacturing defect. We were still willing to issue a store credit or exchange. After offering what we thought was appropriate for the situation, she proceeded to make a seen in front of other customers.
Our Merchandise is very trendy inexpensive clothing and far from low quality. We would never want anyone to walk away unhappy and after trying a number of times to rectify the situation, we soon realized there was no way to appease her.

Nicole said...

As a faithful customer of Dandelion Boutique since it opened its doors, the above description couldn't be further from the truth. Crystal & Carmen, its owners, are extremely pleasant, and always happy to obilige their customer's requests. The merchandise is always fresh, stylish, and wonderful quality. There is something new on the floor every time I visit, which is quite frequently. Even my boyfriend goes in there to purchase gifts for me, and these lovely ladies are always ready to offer their opinions on the perfect items. I frequent a variety of different stores, and find their policies standard to most private owned boutiques in the Metropolitian area. I could not be more pleased with my purchases and the staff at Dandelion Boutique, and will continue to visit them for all my fashion needs!

Happy Shopper said...

Use your credit card for purchases. Then, if there are issues, you can always dispute your charges with the credit card company. And if your credit card has buyer's protection (many do), you have even more recourse.

Anonymous said...

I popped into the shop and the workers/owners seemed very nice. Although they didn't have a Plus Sized Collection, they were still friendly.
You may say, "well, of course." However, as a plus sized person I know 1st hand that many "Local Boutique Owners" turn very cold when they relaize you're shopping for yourself.
Good Luck Dandelion & stay as nice as you are.