Wednesday, November 04, 2009

'Papel' Coming To Former Boutique On Court Street


A poster in the window at 225 Court Street indicates that 'Papel" is coming to the space once occupied by Ali Kat. 'Papel', of course means 'paper' in Spanish. There is even a little paper airplane on the poster.

So in the future, we may be able to order wedding invitations and baby announcements here.
(Maybe this place is associated with one of the same name in California?)

Do any of you readers know more? Think a place like that would work out on Court?)

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Anonymous said...

Papel is a owned and run by a local Carroll Gardens couple, Raegan and Jeff, who live in my building on Court Street. They're great people, and the store is amazing. Great product, beautiful design. Be sure to stop in and support local business owners!